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Wednesday 4:37 pm.

Dear Manga Enthusiast,

I just stumbled across some surprising news, that just may prove to you that, literally anyone interested, can be drawing far better 'butt-kicking-name-taking' Manga than they are drawing now...

But what's really crazy is that sometimes it can be done in as little as seven days or less!

Have you ever wondered why some people can almost always, at the snap of a finger, quickly draw the coolest Japanese Manga art, that literally any fan would drool themselves senseless over?

If you too are interested in being able to master this fascinating and uncommon talent, even with very little or no prior experience as an 'artist', then I've got some great news for you.

Maybe you thought that these really awesome Mangakas were fortunately born with some unfair 'knack' for drawing -- Or maybe you think that you simply need several more years of practice...


The Shocking Results Of A Recent Study
Of Other Aspiring Mangakas Just Like Yourself.

Recently a study of several Manga artists/aspiring Manga artists just like yourself was done and the results were nothing short of mind boggling!

Surprisingly, it was discovered that most of us were less than seven corrected errors away from transforming even piss-poor, lifeless drawings, into authentic, jaw dropping cartoons, and you're about to discover exactly how...

But before I show you this newly documented, proven system for drawing better Manga, and reveal to you exactly what these 7 glaring errors are, here's a quick side note...

Read Me! -- Phenomenal But
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If for one reason of the other you are NOT specifically interested in drawing better Manga in the shortest possible time, starting today, you must have took a wrong turn somewhere...

We're here about drawing killer Manga F-A-S-T!

If however you think that you would appreciate being exposed to some professional Manga drawing secrets to help you better your drawing skills guaranteed, AND wouldn't mind picking up one of our 77, 34 remaining MangaSecrets Deluxe Drawing Kits (valued at a whooping $197) completely FREE of charge then stick around...

You're gonna love this!

Imagine How Easy It Is To Learn To
Draw Better Manga This Way.

As you begin to think more and more about bettering your Manga skills and picking up the tons of killer tips, techniques, the easy to follow lesson plan and helpful tools I am about to reveal to you, skip forward a couple weeks and imagine yourself;

Creating awesome fast-paced manga comics of your own just like the recognized hot shot illustrators.
Designing or revamping your own websites featuring spicy hot Manga art good enough to sell, and have hordes of other fans talking about it!
Having your friends and people online beg you for Manga drawing tips -- Even if they have been drawing a lot longer than you have!

The 7 Embarrassing Mistakes That Screw
Up Your Otherwise Killer Manga!

Let's face it...

There's an invisible but very real line between mediocre and superior Manga artists.

The latter, the superior one's whose drawings simply make others' look like child's play, have obviously mastered the following, and these are what you want to master as well;

Checkmark The Areas You
Too Would Like To Perfect.

Drawing Manga styled eyes that give a character life and show real emotion, compared to haphazard childlike doodling that completely ruin the facial expression...

Adding that eye-opening '3rd' dimension to characters that make them both stand tall on the page and add a high degree of definition to them, with masterfully varied shading and 'lighting' tricks and techniques .

Using a proven system to get proportions right every time, that transform lanky, amateurish looking, mis-drawn characters into powerful and agile beings!

Dressing their characters in clothing that fits in with the scene and costumes that command stares and compliments every time, no matter how regular or how outlandish.

Finally understanding the trick to drawing the infamously difficult Manga hands in any position, and from any angle!

Enhancing the story telling of a scene by accurately positioning characters together -- some that stand out and others that juice up the background.

And finally (as expected :) cartooning sexy looking beautiful Manga women with ease, that make your friends green with envy and spice up any web page. <Smile!>

The Secret To Creating Manga Art
You Can Truly Be Proud Of.

Now I don't know you, but one thing is obvious...

If you've read this far into this letter, then you're obviously a true fan of quality Manga art and would like to be able to become a better Mangaka no matter what stage you are at right now.

Well, there are three obvious ways you can do this.

Option 1: You can start from today, practicing blindly, just putting pen to paper and hoping that eventually, by simply having tried long and hard enough, you somehow stumble onto methods that work and produce great results time after time.

Come on. You know how it goes...

Running around the Internet scavenging for free, partial tutorials here and there and generally taking opinionated advice from persons who may actually be less talented than you are!

Maybe it'd take several months for some exceptional people, maybe a few years for average and less talented persons...

Either way I personally think that this option sucks big time, because there are far easier and more time efficient ways to learn to draw better.

Option 2: This is a lot better, but can prove a bit costly.

However, you could visit a few bookstores, online or off-line and try and purchase as many tutorials as you can put your hands on, commonly ranging in price from $19.97 - $49 a piece.

And why would you need several?

Well isn't it obvious?

Trying to find a single guide that teaches how to correct all seven of the problem areas we identified, is literally like knocking your head against the wall.

I myself searched the length and breath of the Internet AND various bookstores, from the popular to the little, unknown ones and simply couldn't find ONE guide that covers all seven problem areas and teaches me to draw better Manga in less time...

Not ONE!

Option 3: Get a professional artist who has several years of experience in doing exactly what you are looking for and have him show you, in detail, precisely and ONLY what you want to learn!

Now even though this is hands down the best and fastest way to get better, it sure would be an expensive option wouldn't it?

Well maybe, maybe not...

Let me explain.

Introducing MangaSecrets -- The Unofficial Guide
To Drawing More Authentic Manga In Seven Days!

If you were thinking of following any of the above options to becoming a better Mangaka -- DON'T!

Now there's a far better way to learn, and correct the
errors we all make from time to time, much, much faster...

AND you still get the benefit of learning from a highly skilled, award winning, professional illustrator, a Manga virtuoso (who currently illustrates for two outrageously popular magazines.)

It's called MangaSecrets and it's a tight, concise guide specifically created for persons who would go all out to really make themselves better Japanese cartoonists.

In fact, to our knowledge, it's the first and only digitally delivered (meaning that you get it right away!) step by step Manga drawing guide to cover all seven of the common Manga problem areas discovered above.


I almost can't believe it... Already my characters are appearing more like I wanted them to look. They look realistic -- like they could actually exist.

I was so amazed at just how quickly the tips MangaSecrets listed could change my art! -- I had never before drawn so well on my own. Thank you, MangaSecrets.

~ Arlinda Jackson, Detroit MI

But before I dive into showing you why MangaSecrets may be the single best find you'll come across as an aspiring Manga artist this year, let me give you a few pointers as to what to look for when choosing a tutorial for your hobby.

WARNING - Don't Buy Any 'How To Draw Manga'
Books That Don't Meet The Following Criteria...

If you're serious about your Manga, ONLY consider tutorials that;

Are created by professional artists -- Specifically ones with a background in cartooning Manga, (not just general illustrations) and one who can teach you the RIGHT ways to correct your mistakes,

Don't chance learning from the wrong sources.

Are clear, concise, easy to read and provide STEP by STEP guidance.
Are reasonably priced! Now I know that sometimes we can get carried away if we are true fans of our hobbies, but there's no reason to rush out and by a Manga tutorial for $197 now is there? :-)
Cover more than four problem areas in adequate detail, giving you good value for your money!

That said, here's a snapshot of just SOME of what you'll discover inside MangaSecrets and why it's positioned itself as the premiere digital guide to drawing better Manga in far less time.

Here's An Excerpt Of Benefits From Inside The
MangaSecrets System For Drawing Better Comics Fast...

  • Discover a time tested and proven method that most people don't even know will help you automatically unlock the skills of any artist you admire and activate your brain and hands to cartoon as exceptionally as they do!

  • What three little secret 'measurements' can you use to make sure that your characters are always, 100% of the time, drawn to the specific proportions you visualized in your mind's eye!

  • Beat any challenge of taking any character in any position and redrawing them in a new position without so much as breaking a sweat...

  • Three methods for drawing Manga faces -- One of which will allow you to cartoon faces in an almost limitless variety of angles with astonishing ease...

  • Learn what characteristic many people don't realize Manga eyes must ALWAYS have unlike the regular human eye -- And NO I'm not referring to their size!

  • How to illustrate a specific variety of expressions that are unique but critical to Manga comics...

Plus a ton of other advanced tips and a wealth of examples you can study and learn from including...

  • The underlying trick to moving a character around in your drawing space and creating powerful perspective effects.

  • How to draw hands, both at rest and in action... There's a method to it that some advanced illustrators use and we'll reveal it inside.
  • How to turn a rigid model into a sleek and sexy feminine figure...

  • Eight examples of clothing and costumes that can be modified for your liking to help dress your characters for a long time.

Two Free Bonus Lessons!

You'll also find two bonus lessons not originally planned for, but included for your enjoyment...

  • Bonus Lesson #1: Creating effects, textures, and full color scenes for your own comic strips and comic books that add professionalism to your work.

  • Bonus Lesson #2: Designing and story boarding your own comic strips!

And much, much more!...

"Manga Secrets is an excellent, concise and to the point volume of information on Manga art and instruction.

The illustrations are clear and explained well without overuse of text that would take away from the lesson at hand.

Much of the information you'll find within you'll find scattered amongst many books ranging from the price you pay for this one volume and more for each one.

This is a good deal for the beginning mangaka."

~ Joseph Todaro, N.J.

Now Here's How It's Priced, And The Obvious Reason
Why It's Selling Like Freakin' Gangbusters!

Let me ask you a question...

If you could get a highly experienced, award winning, Manga illustrator to teach you in a step by step fashion how to correct your biggest drawing flaws and start producing better Manga in as little as seven days, how much would that be worth to you?

Because you see, that's exactly what I did for you!

I recruited a top notch professional from eight of the best artists I could put my hands on, to produce a Manga guide like you've never seen before.

Now I'm not gonna try to BS you here, but you'd be flat out, off your rocker to think that you can come across that kind of professional tuition for less than at least $80 - $100 a day.

That translates into at least $560 - $700 in total fees for 7 days to work with you.


But I'm not gonna charge you anywhere near that amount even though this is the only place you can get your hands on this extraordinary guide and the $197 in exclusive bonuses I'm giving away to the next few customers.

In fact your total investment for using MangaSecrets to improve your art work is less than dinner and a movie at a meager $29.97! -- (Less than 1/100th of the cost by the way, since over $3000 was invested providing you this package - You'll recognize why soon.)

Now I predict that some of the persons who do decide to get their own copies of MangaSecrets will in the future become highly envied Mangakas, some of which may go on to making a lot of cash off of their hobby!

But even so, the satisfaction of creating great Manga is only the tip of the iceberg for a few select visitors, since some will also qualify for our special "Introductory Offer."

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Here's a fact that almost anyone will agree with...

For most people serious about any hobby, especially one as unique as Manga drawing, a $29.97 purchase related to their specific talent is not really life altering decision.

Avid hobbyist often go to bookstores and leave with several books on one topic, few of which may turn out exceptional, most just mediocre -- Easily spending sometimes, hundreds of dollars on their passion.

To most, $29.97 is simply a tiny drop in the bucket compared to the satisfaction of drawing better comics.


Limited Insane 33% Discount!

...For the next 77, 34 people and counting, I want to go further and make this a complete and utter no brainer, so here's what I'll do...

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I promised you that I was gonna make this a 100% no-brainer decision, so as part of the whole MangaSecrets package along with a huge 33% discount, I'm throwing in three of the most UNIQUE and USEFUL bribes you'll ever find anywhere for a product like this.

Free Bonus #1

The One and Only, "Original MangaSecrets 3D Virtual Model Kit" (250+ Amazing 3D Body Shots!). ($127 value)

It's no secret that many professional Mangakas use figure models to help compose their art work, especially when working with multiple characters.

Now you too can be afforded the same advantage, by using our "MangaSecrets Virtual Model Kit."

To help you jump-start your cartooning straight into warp speed, I got a designer using some pretty high end 3d authoring software, to create two personal virtual models - Steve and Lisa - for you.

She then got them to go through a series of 21 poses, in 6 different angles...

Lastly she packaged it all through some more special software so that you can view Steve and Lisa right on your computer screen! -- A smashing total of over 250+ 3 dimensional FULL body shots, from your own personal models!

Free Bonus #2

The MangaSecrets "MSN MangaCons" Upgrade Pack. ($70 value)

Express yourself as a true Manga fan-artist when chatting with your friends on the outrageously popular MSN Messenger 6.0...

In just a few minutes, using the "MangaSecrets MSN MangaCons Upgrade Pack" you'll be able to add 20 originally designed Manga styled 'emoticons' to your favorite chat software!

This awesome collection of custom designed 'smileys' is not available for purchase at any cost. You however claim it as a free bonus with your order of MangaSecrets!

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Access to over 1,000 of the coolest, witty quotes you'll come across! ($?? value - Priceless :)

And finally, because I can't think of any Manga fan who isn't a real lover of cool quotes and witty sayings, I'll point you out to free access to my best online find for stomach grabbing, roll on the floor, gotta love 'em quotes, sorted and arranged for easy browsing.

You'll surely thrill your friends and family silly with an almost endless stream of "I-can't-believe-he-said-that" quotes.

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Here's why you have absolutely nothing to lose, by trying MangaSecrets today and more than $197 in real value to gain just in free bonuses!

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Secure your own copy of "MangaSecrets" today (at the special low price, with the additional bonuses, and take advantage of the tips inside...

Take as much time as you need, 'cause there's no need to rush.

You've got up to the next 365 days to devour all the lessons inside, use all three bonuses in the "MangaSecrets Deluxe Drawing Kit" and better your Manga art.

And then if your friends and/or family members don't openly compliment you on the marked improvement in your Manga skills, please feel free to send an email to;


...requesting 100% of your purchase price back.

You'll be issued a prompt and courteous refund, within 24 hours...

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That's how much I stand behind this!

Isn't that as fair a deal as you've seen anywhere?

Heck, as it stands it's practically a "DUH! decision" for anyone even remotely interested in drawing better Manga.

But like I said the;

33% Discount

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The Real Reasons Why I Have Little Choice
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There are two very obvious (and somewhat selfish I must admit) reasons why this 'no brainer' special will be ended shortly...

1) Common sense says that in order to protect myself against some (sorry to say but) openly dishonest people ordering just to 'screw me over' through my wacky guarantee (i.e. Order, request a refund right away, get their money back and keep the guide.)

Sure it'll send some really bad Karma their way, but I am still only willing to risk allowing just 77, 34 more people the right to this weirdo guarantee.

2) All my tests so far have shown as I mentioned before that I can continue to make more selling the manual at $29.97 instead of $19.97, since the $10 price hike almost doesn't affect overall sales in any way at all!

I'm sorry but I gotta watch my hide as well. :-(

The Really Simple And Painless Steps To Accessing
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Claiming your discounted copy of MangaSecrets and all the exclusive bonuses is really very simple and extremely safe and secure. (We've been selling quality products online for over 4 years without a single hitch.)

And our customer support is second to none!

We realize that a lot of folks have been burned online by 'scamsters' - as we have been burtn ourselves!

But you can take my word for it... We are real, honest and hard working people.

Here's a letter I receive just recently from a parent who ran into a little trouble while trying to order MangaSecrets for her daughter...

Dear Alex,

Thank you so much for all of your support in walking me through the process of purchasing and downloading MangaSecrets.

It's not uncommon to wait a day or two for customer support answers to come through, but you answered immediately!

You even checked back the next day to see if everything had gone smoothly!

Wow! You really DO provide personal support with your programs and you've earned my trust.

My daughter, Jaime, is thrilled with the program and the practical tips you give. I had to drag her off the computer at midnight last night... :-)

Thanks so much,

~ Kristie Paylor, Port Orchard W.A.

So go ahead...

Click the order link below, with confidence, and you'll be taken to our 100% secure SSL Server where you simply fill out the details required, on the risk free order form.

Order Now!

You can purchase with any major credit card shown here and, in addition, and by popular request we now also accept PayPal!

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You can then easily print out MangaSecrets if you'd like, rather than viewing the tutorial on-screen.

The entire process should last no more than 7 - 10 minutes from your clicking the order button above, to you gaining access to MangaSecrets, no matter what time of day it is or where in the world you are situated.

I urge you to act quickly and start improving your Manga drawing skills.

Here's to you drawing killer Manga starting today,

- Alex Sampson

You'll be amazed at how simply and easily you too will start applying the tips and cheat techniques inside MangaSecrets taught by our world class Mangaka...

But what most people really get a kick out of are the compliments and praises their friends and website visitors give them after experiencing the results of their new improved talent for the first time!

P.P.S. And remember while you're waiting around, the very limited special offer that gives you the opportunity to use MangaSecrets without restrictions, completely risk free is expiring.

This gem will be sold for $29.97 -- The introductory price of $19.97 is a "Buy it NOW before it's gone" offer... so act fast!... And let's be blunt: If you pass on this offer, will you have the drawing skills you want one week from today? Probably not!

Only 77, 34 more persons allowed!

P.P.P.S. VERY IMPORTANT! Some people are understandably afraid of making purchases online for fear of fraud... Well, to those folks we can guarantee that there is absolutely nothing to worry about when ordering Manga Secrets through our website and here's why... (Click here for more proof of safe shopping.)

"I finally got the MangaSecrets Ebook and already I can see myself improving on my Manga... And (what's more) I started improving the very same day!..

This is really great. Thanks again.

~ Kris Brookins, Asheville N.C.

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